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Based very loosely on the short film, Host is currently being developed in to a feature film for cinema release. The film will be produced by The Movie Mill. A psychological thriller that finds the host of the world's biggest game show getting a taste of his own medicine in a twisted and dark tale of mystery and revenge. Keep your eye on the Facebook page for lots of updates CLICK HERE.

Quite simply my biggest challenge to date, Walk Away is a modern musical that focusses on two brothers struggling to come to terms with a very bad case of bullying. There's over a decade between the siblings as music and fantasy plays a big part in their fight. Follow the progress of the film CLICK HERE.

This feature length mockumentary from filmmaker Raffaello Degruttola is generating a lot of interest in LA right now. It's great to be on the team as the editor, working towards cutting together a compelling and humorous 90 minute film based on the life of Ravi, a rogue Bollywood director. Check out the official website CLICK HERE.

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