"Making compelling, entertaining and credible films"


It was just a few years ago that I set myself a target of film projects to make over the course of a few years. To gain the valuable experience needed as a new filmmaker.

The journey has been incredible with 4 shorts films under my belt in just over a year, with several more projects in development. This section of the website gives you an open and honest overview of past and future projects along with their status.

Check out each of the film pages from the drop down menu above or using the links below for a more detailed look at each of the films. You'll find that most of them have Facebook and Twitter accounts, another way to share the filmmaking process online.

NEW: All of the short films will be available to watch, for free, online in the Screening Room.

Projects currently in development include:

2013 - The First Film (feature documentary)
2013 - Walk Away
(modern musical / drama)
2014 - Host (feature film)

Past projects include:

2012 - That Day (short film)
2011 - Host
(short film)
2010 - Love Like Hers
(short film)
2009 - Angel of the Night
(short film)