"Here's a few I made earlier"


Here are a handful of video and film projects that I've worked on over the last few years. Ranging from short films and music videos to corporate projects and experimental features. There's more work on my YouTube and Vimeo channels.

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Imagination featuring Leee John "Krash" (director/editor - music video)

Ride Run Ride "The Challenge" (director/cinematography/editor - promo video)

That Day (writer/producer/director/editor - short film 2012)

Host (writer/producer/director/editor - short film 2011)

Love Like Hers (writer/producer/director - short film 2010)

The First Film 'Teaser #2' (director/cinematography/editor - documentary)

The First Film 'Teaser Trailer' (director/cinematographer/editor - documentary)

Jade Helliwell 'For Someone Else' (cinematographer/editor - music video)

Jade Helliwell 'I Knew You Were Trouble (Taylor Swift Cover)' (cinematographer/editor - music video)

Lawson Studio Lock-In for Polydor/Universal Records (cinematography/editor - music video)

Take Us Somewhere Hot (cinematography/editing - just for fun iPhone4 holiday video)

Love Like Hers Teaser Trailer 2 (writer/producer/director - short film)

Host Teaser Trailer (writer/producer/director/editor - short film)

Sony Europe 'Light in Life' (cinematographer/director/editor - promo video)

Centre Stage 2011 Documentary (cinematographer/director/editor - doc)

Anna Goldsmith 'Here Tomorrow' (producer/director/editor - music video)

Natalie McCool 'Your Hero' (producer/cinematographer/director/editor - music video)