"Some thing's I've done over the years."


Danny Lacey

Entrepreneurial and innovative filmmaker and corporate video producer. Incredibly driven, optimistically ambitious, grounded and focused.

An ideas person with a productively creative mind and a genuine passion to get the very best out of every project.

Started The Filmmaker's Journey back in 2009, sharing every step of the journey with an open and honest account of my progress, in the hope that it helps inspire others.

2013 - present
Managing Director of MovieMill Productions Limited (film production company)

2009 - present

2006 - present
Creative Director and owner of Stada Media (Video Production)

2004 - 2006
Teamtalk Broadcast (Senior Producer & Head of Music)

1992 - 2009
Radio Broadcaster (various stations across the UK)

KEY SKILLS: Writing (screenplays), producing, directing, editing, cinematography, concept development, presentations, broadcasting, business management, social media, graphic design, web design, event management, audio production, music scheduling.
EDITING SOFTWARE: Adobe Premiere CS5.5, After Effects, Final Cut Pro, Motion
CAMERA EXPERIENCE: Canon XF305, Canon C300, Canon 5D/7D, Sony F3, Sony EX1/EX3, RED ONE, RED EPIC.

'In Sickness' (short film). Writer and director.
'Big Body Squad 3' (TV Show / Channel 5). Camera Operator.
'The First Film' (feature documentary). Cinematographer.
'Flim: The Making of' (feature film). Editor.

'That Day' (short film / Canon C300). Writer, producer, director and editor.
'Host' (short film / RED Epic 5K). Writer, producer, director and editor.
'Natalie McCool - Your Hero' (music video / Sony F3). Cinematographer, producer, director and editor.
'Sony - Light In Life' (camera test video for Sony UK / Sony F3). Cinematographer and editor.
'Centre Stage Documentary' (Sony F3). Cinematographer, director and editor.
'Love Like Hers' (short film / s16mm / £10k budget). Writer, producer and director.
'Northern Glory - Lift Me Up' (music video / Canon 5D MKII). Cinematographer, director and editor.
'Angel of the Night' (short film / HDV). Writer, producer, director and editor.